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The President of Sri Lanka


This seventy eight issue of the Buddhist Annual “ Vesak Sirisara” shows the continuing commitment of the Government Services Buddhist Association to the cause of spreading the Dhamma.

The teachings of the Buddha are of great relevance today, when the world is engulfed in materialism and attitudes that work against spiritual values and the importance of rational thought in the day to day lives of people.

The spread of the Dhamma gives to all humans the Middle Path to be followed for one’s deliverance from Samsara. This teaching lays stress on the efforts of individuals in seeking moral regeneration of self and society. It helps improve the commitment of ethics and spiritual values that can give much more than the search for material wealth, which leads to clashes, enmity and violence among individuals and in societies.

The Buddha has enunciated the importance of observing the Five Precepts that would bring spiritual happiness to all. Beginning form the individual, these teaching would be the first step towards the moral regeneration of society. This is of special importance in today’s world where the search for material wealth surpasses all interest in spiritual gain and the greater good of society. Knowing and following the Buddhist Path can help resolve most of the rivalry in our societies and among nations, and help bring peace to the world.

As Sri Lanka moves ahead to consolidate the peace that was won after nearly three decades of terrorisms, it is important for all Buddhists to follow the core teachings of the Buddha to do no evil, cultivate a good, unify one’s mind, and avoid the forces that seek to cause divisions and rivalry among people that threatens the spread of tolerance, peace and tranquility in one’s life and society.

I commend the efforts of the Government Services Buddhist Association in for the great act of merit in maintaining this annual publication, with the high quality of its articles on the teaching and practice of Buddhism. I wish the readers of Vesak Sirisara peaceful and tranquil Vesak.

Mahinda Rajapaksa
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

6th May 2013

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